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Things To Consider When Selecting An Auction Company


"I had no idea how completely KIKO handled the entire real estate transaction. It was so easy & such a relief for me."

"I was extremely pleased at the professional efficient way everything was handled from the first call to the last. Job well done!"

"Was absolutely pleased with the results. Would definitely have KIKO do another auction."

Selling Via The KIKO Auction Marketing Method

1. Business History Demonstrates Relevant Experience

Conducting a successful auction doesn't happen overnight, so choose a company with a long-standing history in the business and proven results. Experience is vital to executing auctions that meet sellers' expectations. Buyers are much more apt to attend an auction being held by a reputable firm with a track record of integrity and experience.

2. Specialization Provides Value

Choose an auction company that specializes in the type of property you want to sell. Auction companies that have areas of specialization offer sellers deep understanding and insight in the market they will be entering.

3. Published Results Prove Performance

Like all good businesses, successful auction companies will have a large degree of transparency about them. The company you choose should be able to share results from other auctions including sales records and case studies to prove that properties are sold at fair market value.

4. Business and Marketing Acumen Lead to Success

Seasoned auction companies analyze a property owner's needs and provide advice about whether selling by auction is the best choice. They serve as consultants not only to property owners, but to business professionals, like accountants and attorneys, who deal in estate matters. Top auctioneers also invest in thorough marketing and execution of your sale to help sellers reach their real estate goals.

5. Professional Certifications and Affiliations Reflect Business Standards

Leading auctioneers stay current with their training and certifications. They affiliate themselves with official auction and real estate associations and adhere to the business practices and professional ethics of those organizations. When choosing an auctioneer, look for active membership in the national and state auctioneers associations.

From 1 item to 1,000 items
From 1 acre to 1,000 acres
From a vacant lot to a mansion on the hill.
The KIKO Auction method might be right for you.
Selling real estate and personal property, chattels (any personal possession that isn't real estate), at auction is easy. The information below is provided to help educate on the auction method.

Attend An Auction

When exploring the auction method of marketing we encourage you to attend a KIKO Auction of items or a property like the one you are seeking to sell. After the auction speak to one of the auction staff and ask any questions you might have. Do not make assumptions about the results of an auction; every property has many different characteristics affecting value, some of those being obvious and others not as obvious.

Contact a KIKO Auctioneer

Our professional auctioneers and Real Estate Agents are always available to answer questions regarding having your own KIKO auction. The KIKO auctioneer or agent you speak with will ask you to share your goals with them and describe the items that you are considering selling. After gathering some basic information, our staff will want to set an appointment to evaluate the items or property. This evaluation will include deciding on auction location (on-site or consignment), whether to sell real estate in its' entirety or in parcels, to sell personal property or commercial assets with the real estate, timing and if the auction method of marketing is best suited to meet your goals.

Select Your Auction Date

Your KIKO professional will help you select a date that is suited for your auction and you will complete the necessary paperwork. Auctions are generally set 5-6 weeks out from the date of the contract signing. This paperwork will also include your personalized auction-marketing plan to give your property maximum exposure to interested buyers. Unlike many "listed" properties that get lumped with agents other properties auction marketing puts the spotlight on your property through the world wide web, signs, print, and KIKO's specialized direct email/mail lists.

Preparing for the Auction

Preparing for your KIKO auction is very easy. Our staff prepares over 1,000 auctions a year and having been executing auctions since 1945, which gives us unparalleled experience in delivering you the best auction day experience. Whether your items will be dropped off at a specific location, picked up, or sold on location your KIKO auctioneer will communicate with you exact times and locations. KIKO strives to make your selling experience as stress free as possible. We share the common goal to sell your property for as much as possible and assist you in achieving market value in an accelerated amount of time.