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Real Estate Broker Referral

Kiko Company Referral Program Options

Broker/Agent with Seller

Brokers and agents with motivated sellers who's goals are to convert their assets into cash quickly and are committed to selling at market value are excellent candidates to use the KIKO Auction Referral Program. Benefits of Our Referral Program
  • Referral fee paid on a definite sale date not waiting for the property to sit on the market and possibly sell.
  • Minimal time investment on the referring agent's part.
  • Offering additional options to your clients including selling personal property at the same time as their real estate.
  • Earn referral fees on properties that are outside of your normal market area or specialty, including non-real estate assets.
  • Offering your clients another "option" allowing you to build your client relationship and best service their needs without loosing the listing and or commission or risking a further price reduction.
Because so many factors determine a property's eligibility for a KIKO Auction, it is best to speak directly to a KIKO professional about the options for a specific property. Please call 1-800-533-5456 or email us at kiko@kikoauctions.com to discuss the KIKO options.

Buyer's Broker/Agent

Becoming a Buyer's Broker/Agent and receiving a referral fee is easy! Just fill out and submit the "Letter of Referral" a minimum of 48 hours prior to the time and date of the auction. Submit the form via email at: closingdept@kikoauctions.com; fax: 330-453-1765; or submit a hard copy to the KIKO Auction office located at 2722 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, OH 44718. Once your form is submitted your client must have the high bid, pay, and close on the property as outlined in the terms of the auction and you will be eligible to receive compensation. Please remember:
  • Broker/Agent Registration is submitted 48 hours in advance. NO REGISTATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OF THE AUCTION. NO ORAL REGISTRATIONS.
  • If a Broker or Agent requesting referral request to represent a buyer that already has a direct connection to KIKO and have already been approached by an authorized KIKO representative either by mail, email, in person or by phone the Referral Request will be denied.
  • Your potential buyer must legibly and fully complete the referral KIKO form or it will not be valid.
  • KIKO does not authorize or permit any agency representation to be created between KIKO and the referring Broker.
  • The referring agent is not required to be present at the auction.
Please feel free to contact the KIKO Offices directly at: 330-453-9187 or kiko@kikoauctions.com with any further questions.

Auction Buyer Referral Form

Click On Buyer Referral Form To Download a printable PDF
and Fax back to KIKO at (330) 453-1765.

auction_buyer_referral.pdf (size 78kb)